About Swedana

Swedana is a treatment through various methods like – Steam, Avgaah, Nadi, Potali, etc. Swedana means to perspire which pants up toxins from the body.  


Benefits Of Swedna

  • Helps in improving digestion.
  • Helps in reduction of stress levels.
  • Relieves body muscle soreness.
  • Helps in better blood circulation.

Swedna Treatment In Jaipur India

Swedana is the treatment of inducing sweat with the help of steam, generated from medicated herbal medicines.  In Swedana Ayurveda Treatment oil should be applied gently to the body.

The eyes are covered with a cloth and the head is covered with a wet cloth to protect the eyes and head from heat. After completion of the procedure, a person has to take a hot shower. Swedana treatment also involves inducing A steam box is required to perform Swedana treatment to induce sweat from the patient’s body. 

With such benefits Anurag Ayurveda recommends you to perform Swedana treatment which will keep your body and mind calm and strong.

Types of Swedana – 

Bashpa Swedana  – An individual will sit in the chamber where steam is given. 

Naadi Swedana – This is given to the whole body from a tube to thick and complex structures. You can visit Anurag Ayurveda for nadi Swedana treatment in Jaipur


A group of procedures used to induce sweating or perspiration is called Swedana treatment. It helps soften and melts the toxins, opens up the pores of the skin and help in expelling them from the body effectively. 

For effective Swedana treatment, a closed steam chamber with a retractable lid where patient are placed lying upright and head is outside the chamber. The chamber is warmed with the steam and infused with Ayurvedic decoction flowing into the chamber. 

  • Improves metabolism
  • Eliminates toxins
  • Increases joint mobility, removes adhesion of ligaments
  • Increase flexibility of joints
  • Increases appetite
  • Reduces stress and fatigue
  • Relives heaviness
  • Activates blood circulation 
  • Improves skin softness & texture 

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