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The Panchakarma therapy in Ayurveda is the method of the cleansing the body of all the unwanted waste after lubricating it through a combination of treatments like steams, massages, Nutritionist diet. Panchakarma is a set of five organized treatment actions used for the purification of the body. Panchakarma Treatment is the primary healing modality of Ayurveda. It is preventive, promotive, and curative also.

Panchakarma is the most prominent branch of Ayurveda. It literally means five actions which is well indulge in five types of ayurvedic treatments that control the basic activities of body like vomiting, purgation, anuvasan, and nasayam. 

Panchakarma treatment is the healing process on which majority of ayurvedic techniques stand.  You can find Anurag Ayurveda for Panchakarma treatment in Jaipur. It will provide you with the utilisation of medicated oils which helps in eliminating impurities from body.  



Vaman Karma

Vaman means therapeutic vomiting, medicine-induced emesis for whole-body detoxification. It is induced in order to remove mucus from the respiratory and gastro-intestinal tract. At Anurag Ayurveda, one can detoxify his body to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The main purpose of Vaman is to remove kapha dosha out of the body. By expelling the disesase gets cured completely. 

Benefits Of Vaman

  • Helps in removal of toxins from body via vomiting.
  • Helps in curing asthma.
  • Helps in reducing weight.
  • Helps in improvement of skin related issues.

Virechan Karma

 Virechan is a method of detoxification of every cell of the body by purifying the digestive system. The process of Virechan involves inducing medicine purgation for whole-body detoxification. It is one of the sacred therapies of Panchakarma which can heal and purify the mind as well as body. 

Benefits Of Virechan

  • Helps in relieving gastrointestinal disorders.
  • Encourages weight loss.
  • Fast healing of skin allergies and rashes.
  • Helps in improving metabolism.


Basti is one of the five treatments of Panchakarma where a medicated oil is administered through the anal/vaginal/urinary route. It is a detoxifying procedure advocated in Ayurveda. It takes almost all the body tissues and has rejuvenating, curative, and promotive health actions. 

Benefits Of Basti

  • Improves epilepsy and mental retardation.
  • Helps in improving chronic constipation.
  • Highly efficient in PCOD.
  • Helps in curing of lower back pain.


Nasya is therapy in which herbal oils are given through nasal passage of a person after proper massage of the face and head then steam.  It helps in cleaning the upper respiratory passage by draining out the excessive mucus. 

The oil used for nasya is recommended by doctors. Nasya treatment is considered as safe and effective for promoting respiratory health

Benefits Of Nasya

  • Helps in attaining better sleep.
  • Helps in reducing mucous production.
  • Helps in clearing of sinuses and ear.
  • Helps improving mental health.


Raktmokshan means blood cleansing and purification therapy through leech or cupping or needle for detoxification to let the blood out. In this process, the impure blood is removed from veins. 

Benefits Of Raktmokshan

  • Helps in treating pigmentation and scars.
  • Helps in removal of various skin disorders.
  • Reduces rashes and skin allergies.
  • Helps in treating atopic dermatitis .

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Panchakarma Treatment is a set of 5 Therapies for Cleaning the body from all unwanted waste. It involves some therapies and Ayurvedic medicine. Panchakarma Treatment has impacts on mind, emotional Balance and body.

Panchakarma Treatment majorly helps in purification of the body by Reducing Weight, increases metabolism, rejuvenation of tissues and Enhancing the strength.

It takes a minimum of 7 Days and maximum 21 Days for Panchakarma Treatment. Although it will be dependent on patient after a medicinal examination. 

Yes, Panchakarma is good for health as it removes unwanted toxins from the body. It can cure ailments very effectively.

Yes Panchakarma is good for back pain as it give good results along with ayurvedic medicines. It is very beneficial in long term.

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