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Lepan is a procedure in which a preparation of medicated herbal paste is applied evenly on the affected body parts of the patient.

Lepan is often used for treating skin diseases, inflammation and body pain etc.

Agni Karma

Agni karma is a procedure of  therapeutic application of heat or fire with the use of different materials (i.e., gold, iron, silver, copper) material.

This procedure is used for immediate pain relief, benign diseases and corn etc. 

Akshi Tarpan

Akshi tarpan is also called as ayurvedic eye treatment because Akshi means eye and tarpan means providing strength to eyes.

In this process a preparation of medicated ghee is poured over eye lids to improve dry eyes, eyesight and vision.


Procedure where vacuum generated with heat or suction in cups and applied over body part or area for many purposes like pain relief, inflammation, relaxation, massage etc. 


An Invigoration body massage in a rhythmic motion with herbal paste or powder. Improve muscles tone and circulation highly recommended for dissolving excessive fat from the body. 

Hridya basti

This treatment is for those who is having heart problems, a medicated oil is applied on chest to cure. 

Janu Basti

Janu means – knee and Basti means – to hold.

Janu Basti is the treatment to remove pain and stiffness from knee joints by pooling oil for a fixed duration of time on the knee. 

Greeva Basti

Greeva Basti simply means a technique where oil is pooled around the neck to sooth the neck pain.

It helps in improving the blood circulation around the neck and shoulder.

Shiro Basti

Shiro Basti offers you solutions to many physical and mental problems.

Here warm oil is poured onto the head and is allowed to sit there for a certain duration.

Kati Basti

Kati refers to the lower back of human body.

Anurag Ayurveda provides kati basti treatment where warm oil is pooled on low back for a certain time duration.


It is a special treatment where lukewarm medicated oil is poured over the whole body with a simultaneously soft massage to make the body relax.

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