Ayurvedic Neuro Therapy

Neuro Therapy

Ayurvedic neuro therapy is a special technique which includes Marma chikitsa, alabu chikitsa, aanchan, yoga, hand manipulation, agni karma, raktmokshan etc. procedure for treatment of nervous, musculoskeletal system ( spine & joints problems like backpain, sciatica, paralysis, frozen shoulder, AVN, cervical/lumber spondylosis or spondylitis etc.)

Anurag Ayurveda is a complete key center for your back pain, paralysis treatment which is very effective in rendering immense benefits to health and well being. 


  • Helps in relieving all types of joint pain.
  • Helps in menstrual problems.
  • Helps in stabilizing high and low blood pressure.
  • Helps improve nervous disorders.
Ayurvedic Neuro Therapy

Neuro Therapy in Jaipur India

Anurag Ayurveda and panchakarma chikitsa Kendra are one of the best Ayurveda Kendra in Jaipur  providing the best ayurvedic neuro therapy in Jaipur.

Neuro therapy includes special techniques that are:

  • Marma Chikitsa
  • Alabu Chikitsa
  • Aanchan
  • Yoga
  • Hand Manipulation
  • Agni Karma
  • Raktmokshan

Marma Chikitsa

The word Marma originated from the Sanskrit word “Mrin Maranae” and is used in the Sanskrit phrase “mriyate asmin iti marma” which means there is a serious chance of damage to your health when the points are inflicted. In Sanskrit, “Marma” has one more meaning: secret or hidden. If we conclude all, the Marma point is on the body where two or more tissues meet like muscle, veins, ligaments, bones, or joints.

There are 107 Marma doorways or points into the body and consciousness. Mind is at 108th Marma point according to Ayurveda for healing. These Marma points are equal to the seven chakras or energy centers of the human body.

The points cover both sides of the body including:

  • 22 on the lower extremities
  • 22 on the arms
  • 12 on the chest and stomach
  • 14 on the back, &
  • 37 on the head and neck

This is one of the above-mentioned remedies from Neuro therapy. If you want remedies for back pain treatment in Jaipur you can contact or visit our panchakarma, Kendra. We Here treat those who really want to get fixed by the time and want to be healthy.


Ayurvedic treatment proves to be very effective for back pain as it provides instant relief to any pain, strain, or tension in lower or upper back. 

Herbal oil massage helps in muscle relaxation and gives instant relief from the pain. Mixture of herbal oils like coconut, eucalyptus, almond, sesame oils are effective for back pain. 

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